A diligent young individual establishes her own fashion house and releases a video, achieving the position of CEO at the age of 20.

A 20-year-old fashion designer documented her process of turning an incomplete store into a splendid and innovative fashion workspace.

The video, shared by the individual identified as @celebrities_tailor, begins by showcasing the store in its unfinished state.

The woman embarked on a dedicated month-long venture, turning her concept into reality through unwavering determination and strenuous labor.

Guiding viewers through a visual journey in the video, she meticulously documented each phase of the shop’s transformation, from laying the foundation to fitting the appropriate fixtures.

The end product was a stunning and operational store that reflected her passion for fashion.

In her caption, she expressed, “Presenting a condensed one-minute visual chronicle of a month-long journey. Truly, God has been faithful. Congratulations to me.”

View the video here:


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