A family relative accuses Mohbad’s mother of neglecting her children, claiming it’s due to her getting pregnant by another man and labels her as irresponsible.

A purported relative of Mohbad’s father makes surprising allegations about why the late singer’s mother left her children for a decade, providing reasons supporting Wunmi. Recall the earlier speculations surrounding his mother’s departure when the ex-signee passed away.

In his song “Sorry,” the artist referenced the same situation, stating, “10 years I no see mummy.” An unnamed paternal relative of the late singer revealed that Mohbad’s mother had an extramarital affair and became pregnant by another man, attributing this as the reason for the family’s disintegration.

While attacking Mohbad’s mother for support her late son’s wife, Wunmi, the relative called the duo ‘birds of a feather.

In her words, “She left all the children when Mohbad was 8 years old and got impregnated by another man. That’s why she and Wunmi are close and understand themselves. They don’t know how to say no, always yes. If a dogs come, it enter, if a goat does the same, it enters; that whom the two of you are.”

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