“A lady allegedly offers to donate a kidney to ailing Jay Boogie, emphasizing that everyone deserves a second chance.”

A Nigerian woman has reportedly indicated her readiness to donate one of her kidneys to Jay Boogie, a lifestyle influencer and transgender individual. This gesture comes after the well-known transgender man suffered kidney damage during a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery a few weeks ago.

Innocent Tino, a Facebook user, disclosed receiving an offer in his direct messages from a lady willing to donate a kidney.

Describing her as striking, the lady conveyed her message acknowledging Jay’s past actions against God but expressing belief in his potential for redemption and the need for a second chance.

The message reads, “Good afternoon Tino. I believe we all deserve a second chance and having offended God and humanity Jay Boogie has learned the hardest way. Hence, I would like to give him one of my kidneys. Pls hide my ID and find a way to reach him. Thank you.”

Reacting to the post;

Victor Ogbu said: “Is not about giving out ur kidney. “I hope u know the implications involved?”

Matilda Patience Ekine said: “Make them kuku marry after everything Abeg.”

David Nneka Peace said: “No be give kidney oo..can you take care of yourself very well afterwards?”

Chinelo Eboh said: “You don’t even know if your kidney is a match. “Good luck with that anyways.”

Afam Afam said: “And trust me person wey drop that message no go pass one small pikin wey no even know the implications involved. Better hide your id, cuz your parents will definitely disown you f00l.”

Patience Peter said: “Same kidney you can’t even give any of your family members when the need arises.”

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