“ A man carry better shape pass some women self?” —Gym instructor leaves necks turning as he flaunts curvy body (video)

A video making the rounds on social media captures a young man with the kind of curvy body many women wish they had.

viral video of a gym instructor who puts his curvy body on display in a tight revealing outfit leaves many ladies wishing

The gym instructor could be seen with his students, all females training to have his kind of body, built with curves and a woman’s figure-eight structure.

The video has since caused a wave of reactions leaving many in shock and ladies wishing to know the instructor’s routine.

hemprezzlionessobsidianjudah wrote: “What a peace of bumper this brother have. WHOY… 🧐🧐😳”

hariraibrahimbabadoko said: “Bob should come and take his brother abeg”

banks_1923 opined: “Why man go get shape pass some women on IG”

donna.dey.357 said: “Damn he looks better than us 😂😂”

jackline_sam penned: “I have lot of Questions in ma mand…..”

Watch the video

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