A Nigerian woman expresses frustration while revealing the exorbitant bride price list presented by her future sister-in-law’s family to her brother-in-law.

Chidimma, a Nigerian woman, expresses dismay at the exorbitant and extravagant bride price list that her brother-in-law received from the family of his prospective wife from Rivers. She reveals that the documents consist of two pages out of a comprehensive 13-part list.

“My brother in-law is getting married to the love of his life who’s from rivers state , he just sent the bride price list to the group and everyone is angry. Wait ! I thought Imo state has the highest list for bride price , what is this list that has 13 steps before someone can marry. Aah aah!!!! Me sef I’m vexing on his behalf, it’s too long and expensive! I cropped some parts because yunno, this thing has step one to thirteen !!! Big big things.”

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