A Zimbabwean prophet allegedly using charms and live lizard to dodge rent for six months.

Prophet accused of using charms and live lizard to dodge rent for six months

A Zimbabwean Prophet, Madzibaba Simbarashe Comrade Chinyanga has been accused of using unconventional tactics to evade paying six months’ worth of rent.

It was alleged that he resorted to charms and even used a live monitoring lizard to intimidate his landlord whenever rent was requested.

The landlord who became frustrated with the Prophet’s antics, sought assistance from a neighbour who was subsequently assaulted by Madzibaba Simbarashe. That proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back as the assault backfired.

The landlord reported the matter to the police, prompting residents to take action. They confronted Madzibaba Chinyanga, demanding that the police uncover the tools of his mysterious trade. The determined residents collaborated to remove his belongings from the property and ultimately evicted him.

Madzibaba Chinyanga’s wife was also compelled to relocate their belongings and find alternative accommodation due to the situation.

Subsequently, he was detained at St Mary’s Police Station on charges of assault. A neighbour who spoke to H-Metro said;

“He wasn’t paying rent, taking advantage of having powers to cause misfortune to his landlord since he is young following the death of his parents. We do not want him anymore in our area because he has divided a number of families with falsehoods.”

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