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My name is Amarachi, popularly known as Ammy America and Ammy Besty on all social media platforms. I’m from Nigeria and I base in United States of America. I was born on the 27th July and I’m married with kids. I’m a business woman, a hair stylist and a content creator

I’m passionate about what I do, creating educational content and helping singles to get connected to their life partner gives me joy.  My  journey began November 19th 2020 on youtube after a friend told me about youtube and making money on youtube by just creating content which I found interesting because i knew am talented and blessed with wisdom but never gotten the opportunity to showcase what I have, so the money aspect of it was not my priority. on the 11th April 2021, I opened facebook page where I blog, create contents and also run my singles connect program which I started on 1st Jan. 2022, and since then, I have been dedicated in putting smile on people’s face by helping them get connected. I have lost count of people that got married from @Ammy Besty on facebook.

I’m here to help serious individuals who are ready to settle down to get connected to good people, also to help you in creating facebook page, grow your platforms,monetize your platforms and everything you need to know about content creating.

Thank you and if you have questions or would like to learn more about my content, please don’t hesitate to follow me on facebook.

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