Adam Britton pleaded guilty to r@ping and torturing of more than 39 dogs

A British crocodile expert has pleaded guilty to r@ping dozens of puppies and torturing more than 40 dogs at his animal shelter.

A once-respected academic and zoologist sent a chilling message to a stranger about his obsession with r@ping and torturing pet dogs where he confessed: ‘I can’t stop’.

Adam Britton, 52, pleaded guilty in Darwin’s Supreme Court on Monday to 37 counts of animal cruelty, 10 counts of raping or attempting to rape a dog, and four counts of possessing or transmitting child abuse material.

Adam Britton, 52, who grew up in West Yorkshire before moving to Australia, admitted to luring pet owners to give him custody of their beloved dogs before abusing them.

At the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, he also admitted to s£xually abusing his own Swiss Shepherd pets, Ursa and Bolt, for almost a decade.

The academic at Charles Darwin University in northern Australia once hosted broadcaster David Attenborough at his home.

Britton would even film himself torturing the defenceless animals in what he called his “torture room” until most of them died before posting the sick material online, the court heard.

Britton, a leading zoologist who has worked with the BBC and National Geographic on productions, pleaded guilty to 56 counts of animal cruelty in court yesterday, Sept. 25.

court also heard he sexually abused his own Swiss Shepherd pets, Ursa and Bolt, for almost a decade until he eventually took to Gumtree to source more dogs to kill.

However, until he was arrested Britton managed to keep his disturbing fantasies a secret – including from his wife.

It was only two years ago that he was an esteemed researcher at Charles Darwin University who attracted international recognition for his work as a crocodile conservationist with his wife and business partner, Erin.

About six months prior to his arrest in April 2022, the couple – who were married for more than 15 years – were interviewed about their research on ABC News and Triple J’s news program, Hack.

During a Covid lockdown in 2020, the couple filmed themselves feeding a freshwater crocodile called Njall on their property before posting it on Facebook.

Britton grew up in England and received his Ph.D. in Zoology at the University of Bristol before moving to Australia after 1996 to pursue his fascination with crocodiles.

He met his future wife and they set up a consultancy company, Big Gecko, which sold footage of crocodiles to television and film directors. They worked with natural history shows with the BBC and National Geographic.

Their saltwater crocodile, Smaug, became something of a celebrity in his field and appeared in two horror films.

Britton was a shameless self-promoter and would often update his social media profiles with photos of his crocodiles, property, and media clippings.

While he managed to hide his sick fantasies, one of the more disturbing posts on his public Facebook page was a post celebrating his Swiss Shepherd Bolt’s first birthday in 2016.

The post included a photo of Bolt as a puppy in 2015. According to the court on Monday, Britton started sexually abusing his own dogs in 2014.

Many of his crimes against animals were so graphic and disturbing.

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