AGN allegedly gave Mr Ibu’s family N700k from N5M donation – Verydarkman spills during visit to hospital

Renowned Nigerian TikToker, Martins Vincent Otse, who goes by the moniker VeryDarkMan, has ignited a firestorm of online chatter by dropping some explosive claims about the Actors Guild of Nigeria in a video that went viral.

In video making the rounds, VDM laid out those allegations while making a pit stop at the hospital where the seasoned actor John Okafor, or as we know him, Mr. Ibu, is currently receiving treatment.

VDM started by unraveling the truth, debunking the buzz that Bukola Saraki had come to the rescue with Mr. Ibu’s medical bills.

He set the record straight, pointing out that it was actually the outstanding bills from the previous hospital where Mr. Ibu was treated that had been sorted out.

Verydarkman publicly criticized Mr. Ibu’s fellow actors and the AGN for falsely claiming to have cared for the actor and provided support, before resorting to online begging for assistance.

The social media critic painted a grim condition of Mr. Ibu’s legs, describing how his feet are in an advanced stage of decay, with maggots emerging from the deteriorating flesh .

In the video, Martins dropped a bombshell, disclosing the astonishing amount the AGN pocketed from the well-intentioned donors rallying for Mr. Ibu’s cause – a staggering N5 million, but shockingly, only a paltry sum of N700,000 found its way to the veteran actor and his family.

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