AGN Lied, They Didn’t Support My Husband”: Mr Ibu’s Wife Reacts, Blasts Kate Henshaw.

Stella Maris Okafor, wife of veteran actor Mr Ibu, has reacted to a recent speech released by Kate Henshaw about her husband’s condition Mr Ibu’s wife noted that the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), which her husband is a member of, has never supported the ailing comic actor Stella also revealed how she had tried to reach out to Emeka Rollas, the President of AGN, but he ignored her messages.

Stella noted in her viral clip that she was unhappy with how the AGN was using her husband’s health condition to chase clout.

However, in a statement released by the AGN’s director of communications, Kate Henshaw, on Friday, October 20, the guild stated it had never abandoned him or any of its members.

In response to their assertions, Mr. Ibu’s spouse, Stella, captured in a video posted by social media Critic VeryDarkMan, asserted that the guild’s official statement was merely an attempt to protect their reputation, as it was entirely false.

She disclosed that she had not received any assistance from the union before her husband’s health crisis, and all attempts to contact the Actors Guild had been unsuccessful.

Mr Ibu’s wife expressed that she had tried reaching out to AGN’s president, Emeka Rollas, multiple times, but he turned a deaf ear to her messages and calls. She found it hard to understand why they were now stepping forward to claim credit for actions they hadn’t taken.

Stella mentioned that it was only after she publicly appealed for support that Emeka Rollas and Kate Henshaw finally showed up at the hospital to visit her husband in his sickbed.

She tore into Kate Henshaw for deliberately deceiving both her and the public with her blatantly false statement.

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