Aki and Uche Jombo express their reactions as Sam Ajibola takes legal action against Tunde Ednut and others for claiming his son’s father is Obasanjo.

Nollywood actor Sam Ajibola and his wife Sandra are launching a legal action valued at ten million naira against bloggers Tunde Ednut and Gossip Bobo.

Last May, a viral image of Sam’s family alongside ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo sparked speculation about his son’s paternity.

Gossip Bobo, on TikTok, suggested a connection between Sam’s wife and Obasanjo, implying a distinctive resemblance between their child and the former president.

Tunde Ednut, in his own corner, shared the video, sparking a cascade of responses from Instagram users.

On Friday, Sam and his wife, with legal backing, initiated a defamation lawsuit against Tunde and Gossip Bobo. The bloggers were handed a 72-hour ultimatum to cough up ten million naira each, compensating the couple for the irreparable harm caused by their libelous publications.

Adding to the ultimatum, they were also served a 48-hour deadline to issue a public apology on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram.

Uche Jombo took to his comment section to share her thoughts

She wrote;

“It’s the comments on (CNYEG that post, people thinking it’s funny like someone’s REAL life is something to use for social media clouts chase with made up stories. I always say.. People should LEAVE children out of internet nonsense.”

Actor Chinedu Ikedezie aka Aki averred;

“It’s so sad that people now find happiness to the detriment of others. The internet never forgets! In the next 10 years, this little cutie will find this defamatory post and comments. How do you think he will feel?”

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