Anambra man accused of killing his mother and sister and burying them in shallow grave in Enugu

Somadina Orji, hailing from Igboariam in Anambra State, is alleged to have murdered his mother, Mrs. Charity Orji, and his sister, Miss Ukamaka Orji, burying them in a shallow grave in their Enugu State backyard. This tragic event occurred on December 4th, 2023, at Umuagu Inyi, Oji River Local Government area of Enugu State. The distressing incident unfolded as Somadina’s younger sister had been unaccounted for in the preceding weeks.

Following a disagreement with his younger brother, Somadina attempted to strike him, but his mother intervened, leading to her instructing Somadina to vacate her residence. Shortly thereafter, the hardworking woman was purportedly murdered by her son, who then buried her in a shallow grave within their compound. When the younger son returned and discovered his mother missing, he raised an alarm, prompting villagers to gather.

Upon questioning Somadina, he admitted to the killing of both his mother and sister. A circulated video depicts Somadina exhuming his mother’s body from the shallow grave, revealing blood around her ear, indicating the freshness of her corpse.

In a circulated online video, Somadina is seen excavating his mother’s body from a shallow grave, revealing blood emanating from her ear, and her cadaver remained recently deceased.

The sister’s remains were also unearthed, displaying decomposition, with her bones collected in a blue plastic bag.

In the video, villagers are heard saying the mother was a hardworking woman who sold fufu to feed her family. They added that Somadina is a drug addict. 

The villagers are also heard expressing the desire to bury Somadina in the same grave he buried his mother if the police would allow them. 

The police were invited and the remains of the mother and the sister were deposited at the mortuary. 

The suspect has been detained.

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