“Another Testimony” The most Successful Singles Matchmaking Platform “Ammy Besty

Big Congratulations to Mr. Nwabueze and His new found love Uche.

Mr Nwabueze lost his first beloved wife some years ago. He thought it wise to move on with life after mourning his dear wife.

he has been on Ammy Besty’s matchmaking show on Facebook and finally made his way to Ammy’s whatsapp group where he found this beautiful queen “ugwu Uchenna.

by the grace of God and the help of Ammy America, Nwabueze and Uche were able to find love again. Looking forward to do their traditional marriage on January 5th 2024.

All thanks to God Almighty and Ammy America.

uche has also been on one of Ammy’s program “OPEN MIC 🎤 WITH AMMY AMERICA “

Uche made it to Ammy’s whatsapp group not too long ago and now she is out for good.

Ammy Besty is a platform that offers opportunities for singles all over the world to meet and possibly start a relationship/marriage.r

Our matchmaking platform and groups gives you great chance to meet white and black Americans, British, Asians and Africans all over the world. On this platform countless number of people has found their true love ❤️.

these two joined our whatsapp group earlier this year 2023. Currently they are no longer in our group. Getting ready for their traditional marriage on January 5th 2024. Awesome 👌

I’m grateful to God almighty for what he is doing on this platform, using this small means to get people connected all over the world.

Do not hesitate to give it a try, there is no harm in trying new thing. Stay positive and focus.

to join our singles matchmaking, you must follow procedures.

Once again, congratulations to Mr Nwabueze and uche.

May the Good Lord continue to keep both of you and grant you both more grace, love and understanding to work with each other Aman.

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