APC is sliding Nigeria into dictatorship – Atiku calls for merger of opposition parties

Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s presidential candidate, has urged opposition parties to unite and form a coalition against the APC, emphasizing the importance of a robust opposition to prevent the country from becoming a one-party state.

During a meeting with IPAC’s national executive committee on Tuesday, November 14, Abubakar expressed concern that Nigeria’s democracy would face challenges if the APC’s influence is not curtailed.

Atiku stated during the meeting, “You have come here today to say that we should cooperate to promote democracy. But the reality is that our democracy is swiftly transforming into a one-party system, and we all know that in such a system, democracy is at risk. We’ve witnessed how the APC is progressively steering Nigeria toward a one-party dictatorship.”

“If we don’t come together to challenge what the ruling party is trying to create, our democracy will suffer for it, and the consequences of it will affect the generations yet unborn.“The project of protecting democracy in our country is not about just one man.”Atiku also criticised the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over the conduct of the general and cycle polls.

“The Independent National Electoral Commission conducted the worst general election in the country,” Abubakar alleged.“Recently, again in the off-season election in three states, INEC doubled down on its disregard for the tenets of our democracy.“We all can see how INEC declared a result in Kogi state where the total number of votes cast is higher than the total number of accredited voters in one local government.“We cannot have a healthy democracy in an environment where all INEC does is to deliver the ruling party at all costs.

“Until our elections pass the test of transparency through electronic voting, it will be difficult for INEC to regain its credibility, and our democracy will be the first casualty of such a situation.”

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