Apostle accused of targeting 12 single mothers, admits having an affair with three

Apostle Christopher Mudavarima, the founder of Living Waters Ministries in Zimbabwe, has responded to accusations of deceit and exploiting vulnerable women, particularly single mothers within his church community.

The controversy unfolded as damning evidence, such as photos and chat transcripts, emerged within a church WhatsApp group. An unnamed victim revealed Mudavarima’s purported habit of proposing marriage to multiple women within the church while allegedly seeking financial contributions, falsely claiming endorsement by Apostle Vutabwashe.

Reacting to the allegation made by 12 women, the cleric admitted having an affair with three different women. 

Speaking to H-Metro, he said; 

“What they are saying are all lies, but I double-crossed three different women so they teamed up to fabricate these stories. It’s Maggie who opened my phone and found out that I was dating Candy and Claris.”

Speaking on the matter, one victim, who chose to remain anonymous, voiced her distress: “This man is a womaniser, he has been proposing to different women in church.”

Apostle Christopher Mudawarima reportedly has a track record of being involved in controversies stemming from questionable actions, and this recent incident isn’t an isolated one.

In April 2022, Mudawarima was convicted of defrauding a job seeker of US$183 by falsely promising to secure a job for them at a mining company.

According to the Masvingo Mirror, Mudawarima received a sentence of 48 months, with 18 months suspended on the condition that he reimburse the complainant, and an additional 3 months suspended contingent upon good behavior.

Court proceedings revealed that the accused had a previous six-month suspended jail term from another case, which was reactivated. Consequently, he faces an effective 30-month prison term. The reason behind his absence from state custody remains unclear.

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