Backstreet Boys’ AJ McClean and wife announce they are getting divorced

AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys and his wife, Rochelle DeAnna McLean, have revealed their decision to divorce after going through a separation.

The couple issued a joint statement on January 1, sharing their intention to part ways.

It read; 

“As you all know we have been separated for over a year now. While we have hoped for reconciliation we have decided to officially end our marriage.

“It is with deep love and respect that we have made this decision. Our focus now is moving forward in the healthiest way possible with friendship and co-parenting our girls at the forefront of this next chapter.”

In March 2023, AJ McLean and Rochelle announced a temporary separation to focus on self-improvement and their relationship. Initially expressing intentions to reunite, the couple, married in 2011 with the Backstreet Boys attending, has now confirmed their divorce. They share two daughters, Ava (known as Elliott) and Lyric.

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