Benue State University bans Dreadlocks, armless shirts, miniskirts and other ‘Indecent’ dresses

Benue State University (BSU) Management has implemented a prohibition on certain dress codes such as dreadlock hairstyles, make-up, and skirts above the knees, deeming them inappropriate and indecent.

The university’s task force committee, in a statement released on Saturday, January 13, cautioned that students breaching the authorized dress code would face sanctions as per the institution’s regulations.

The statement in part reads

“The Taskforce Committee writes to address students on the dress code and artificiality both in campus and off-campus as follows:

BOYS: No sagging, No Make up, No dreading of hair (dada), No dyeing of hair (coloring of hair), No wearing of shorts/three quarter trousers to Lectures, No leaving of hair uncombed, No wearing of armless shirts, No wearing of earring, No plaiting of hair, No keeping of heavy beards, No wearing crazy trousers, and other indecencies.

GIRLS: No body hug, No wearing of armless clothes, No dyeing of hair (coloring of hair), No wearing short, No exposure of sensible parts of the body, No Leg chain, No Nose ring, No putting of multiple earrings (only one earring is allowed).

Students are required to comply with specified guidelines, including refraining from folding shirts on trousers or skirts, limiting attachments to black and brown colors, avoiding eccentric trousers, prohibiting skirts above the knees, and ensuring leggings are worn with a long top (shirt). Failure to adhere to these rules may result in sanctions from the university’s management.

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