Blessing Okoro responds to Phyna’s remark by saying, “Phyna, you act like a public toilet in Lagos.”

Blessing Okoro has once more vehemently confronted BBN winner Phyna in the latest episode of their ongoing dispute and exchange.

Blessing Okoro openly counterattacked Phyna’s earlier critiques, labeling her a “public toilet” in response to Phyna’s prior remarks, where she had characterized Blessing Okoro as “old” and “overused,” even resorting to insulting Blessing Okoro’s mother.

Phyna had asserted her youth and success, stating she was above engaging in verbal conflicts with Blessing Okoro. She further maligned Blessing Okoro by accusing her of engaging in prostitution.

Phyna escalated the insults by degrading Blessing Okoro’s mother, alleging that she was a retired sex worker who had passed down the trade to her daughte

Blessing CEO I’m too young and successful for an old over used prostitute like you to be burning your time on…. I understand your mother is a retired ashawo and has handed over to you the old and wide punni to use on dod women’s husband….. Blessing I am bigger than you and all “the female in your family pel chill pill…… I too so take a big pass you…failed human. Make I shoe wardrobe so that you come rob me cheap theif

In a passionate retort, Blessing Okoro vigorously upheld the honor of her mother, affirming her decency and disassociation from any unlawful pursuits. She also pledged to address Phyna in ways beyond Phyna’s expectations.

Phyna you be public toilet for Lagos. The only thing wey phyna dey do Ma to dey waka waka for Lagos, sharing toTo.”

The heated exchange has taken the ongoing conflict to unprecedented levels, captivating audiences as the dramatic saga continues to unfold.

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