Bobrisky finally discloses why he decided to be a woman and how he got the name ‘BOBRISKY ‘

Bobrisky, a well-known Nigerian crossdresser, has now revealed why, despite being born a man, he chose to be a woman.

As he explains the origin of the name Bobrisky, Bobrisky—who views himself as the sexiest trans person on earth—made this claim.

According to Bobrisky, he told himself that he wanted to be a woman the moment he was born and added that having money makes his life as a crossdresser simpler.

Though he acknowledged that there is nothing wrong with being a man, he believes that as a woman, he would fare better in life.

He went on to say that women are kind, beautiful, and industrious and that he witnessed all these qualities in himself growing up.

On why he chose Bobrisky as a name, he said that he took a lot of risk to be a woman today such as risk going under the knife and still living.

He wrote; “Meet d s+xiest trans on earth 🌍 OKUNEYE idris believe MONEY💰answer all demand. With money you can be whoever you want be one earth. Idris was born a man 1992 august 31st. Immediately i got into dis earth and also mature enough to differentiate btw my right and left !!! I told myself i want to be a WOMAN.

*There’s nothing bad to be a man truth be told. But i see myself doing better in life as a woman. Women are so caring, soft hearted, beautiful and hardworking.. I saw all dis characteristics in me growing up especially growing up with an amazing mother.

I’m not regretting taking dis BOLD step. Instead I’m glad i took d bold step to become who i want to be and not ready and will never apologize to anyone. Yes people will say alot of trash do i care ? No !!!

I don’t care…everyone is entitled to there opinions but when it comes to my life ur opinions are completely TRASH!!!

Ever since i started transitioning into a woman i gave myself dis name BOBRISKY… yes BOBRISKY because i took alot of risk to be a woman today. Risk going under several knife 🔪 and still living. I’m a successful woman today with so much fame, houses, cars etc… lastly don’t be scared of who you want to be. Just do you everyone will be alright.”

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