Brain Jotter brings joy to a physically challenged woman selling water on the streets by giving her a generous 400k gift

A touching video showcasing Skitmaker Brain Jotter’s compassionate gesture towards a physically challenged woman selling her goods on the bustling streets of Lagos has profoundly moved and resonated with online audiences.

This clever comedian generously gifted the street vendor 400k while delivering a powerful message to the youth and able-bodied individuals, encouraging them to learn from the determined and hardworking young lady.

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, a renowned Nigerian comedian recognized as Brain Jotter, has uploaded a video in which he is seen helping a physically challenged woman who was struggling to earn a living on the bustling streets of Lagos.

This video, which has since gone viral, was shared on his official Instagram account on November 6th. In the video, Brain Jotter and his team encountered Eniola, a handicapped woman selling water amid a traffic jam, and he openly discussed what motivated him to offer assistance at that very moment.

Brain Jotter was deeply moved and felt inspired to extend his help when he discovered that the woman, despite her physical challenges, chose honest work instead of relying on charity.

After their initial meeting, Brain Jotter delved into her life story and learned that she was originally from Osun State and had a budding career in makeup artistry. However, she was facing financial difficulties and lacked the necessary tools for her trade.

With a heart full of compassion, Brain Jotter came to her aid, providing a generous sum of N400,000. Additionally, he gave her a boost on social media by tagging her with the handle @glam_by_eniola, ensuring her journey toward success became more manageable.

The woman, filled with thankfulness and wearing a joyful look on her face, warmly thanked the comedian for his generous and kind gesture.

In the video’s caption, Brain Jotter wrote, “We encountered her during our journey, and her story was truly motivating. May God bless her @glam_by_eniola.”

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