Brain Jotter reacts to allegations of scam leveled against physically challenged hawker he gifted 400k

In a surprising turn of events, the young female comedian who received assistance from Brain Jotter to restart her makeup business has been revealed to be a scammer. According to reports, it turns out that the individual is actually a man who disguises himself to receive money and help from people, only to return to the streets.

The report indicates that the individual’s name is Sultan, and in 2022, a group of people rented an apartment for him and provided tools to help him establish himself. This revelation has certainly stirred reactions from netizens.

In the video shared earlier by Brain Jotter, the individual identifies as Eniola and, during a deeper conversation with the skit maker, explains that she had to resort to hawking due to the struggles faced by their makeup business.

Reacting to news of the boy posing as a girl, Brain Jotter, via Instagram story, expressed shock that he was casually scammed by th man who had received N600k from people before.

Brain Jotter wrote;

If I tell you say i no tire, i dey lie. Just Negodu:. Bro deceived us all Some people has helped him with over 6ook before. He lied!! He is a MAN!!!!”

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