Through Ammy Besty platform on Facebook, Mr. Festus found love.

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Mr. Festus discovered the profound emotion of love through the unlikeliest of avenues – the Ammy Besty platform on Facebook. What began as a casual scroll through the digital realms transformed into a heartwarming connection that defied the conventional narrative of online encounters. Ammy Besty, a platform designed to…..

A Nigerian woman expresses frustration while revealing the exorbitant bride price list presented by her future sister-in-law’s family to her brother-in-law.

Chidimma, a Nigerian woman, expresses dismay at the exorbitant and extravagant bride price list that her brother-in-law received from the family of his prospective wife from Rivers. She reveals that the documents consist of two pages out of a comprehensive 13-part list. “My brother in-law is getting married to the love of his life who’s…..

My unfaithful husband wants to divorce me for sleeping with two guys – Woman seeks help

A Nigerian woman shared her marital challenges, disclosing that she cheated on her husband, who is also a habitual infidel. She asserts that within their four-year marriage, her husband engaged in infidelity 11 times, even involving her cousin. Despite forgiving him, her act of forgiveness led to him physically assaulting her. The woman claimed she…..

Deji Adeyanju weds girlfriend Nana Bello (video)

Today, human rights activist Deji Adeyanju tied the knot with his girlfriend Nana. The announcement of his marriage to Nana Bello was made last week, and they recently had their civil wedding earlier this week. Former Senator,  Shehu Sani, was present at the wedding ceremony. Watch a video from the wedding below.

Actress Laide Bakare set to marry for the third time

Laide Bakare is embarking on her third marriage, as revealed on Instagram where she disclosed the wedding date, showcased images and videos of her prospective spouse, and displayed her engagement ring. “Have enough courage to love one more time,” she captioned one of her posts.  Laide Bakare’s first marriage with US-based ex-husband, Mr Olumide Kunfulire…..

Twin brothers and twin sisters tie the knot on the same day in Ebonyi, sparking a trend in photos.

The simultaneous weddings of Chukwuma and Chijioke, identical twin brothers, to Chiwendu and Oluchi, twin sisters, brought joy to many in Ebonyi State. Captured in a delightful series of images, the celebratory event quickly circulated on various social media platforms. The extraordinary double wedding took place at a undisclosed venue, where the brothers, attired in…..

Nigerian lady cries out over being unmarried at 39 and battling a spirit husband (video)

A Nigerian woman has expressed her concerns on TikTok about being unmarried at the age of 39. In a video she shared, she also disclosed that she feels like she is “battling with a spirit husband.” Her caption reads, “@39 no husband? Am I serving the wrong God? Why is mine different? Y a spirit…..

Signs of love in men. “How to know you are in -love with a man”

Knowing that you are in love with a man is a complex and deeply personal experience. Love can manifest in various ways, and it’s not always easy to define. However, there are common signs and feelings that can help you recognize when you are in love with someone. Here are some key indicators: It’s important…..

S€X before marriage

Sex before marriage is a topic that has been the subject of much debate and discussion for centuries. Different cultures, religions, and individuals hold diverse views on this matter, making it a complex and nuanced issue. In this essay, we will explore various perspectives on sex before marriage, its implications, and the factors that influence…..

Sex compatibility: key factors

Sex compatibility is a complex and multifaceted aspect of human relationships that encompasses physical, emotional, and psychological dimensions. While it is not the sole determinant of a successful relationship, it undeniably plays a significant role in the overall satisfaction and longevity of a partnership. This essay will explore the various facets of sex compatibility, from…..

I’m proud of my husband “Nigerian lady replies h@ters insulting her oyibo husband “

A black lady marrying a white man is a beautiful testament to love transcending boundaries. Their union reflects the progress towards a more inclusive and accepting society. In a world where diversity is celebrated, their relationship challenges stereotypes and racial prejudices. Their love story is a reminder that skin color should never be a barrier…..

Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships (LDRs) are a unique and challenging form of romantic connection that have become increasingly prevalent in our modern, interconnected world. These relationships, characterized by physical separation and a reliance on technology for communication, present both benefits and hurdles for those involved. In this 500-word essay, we will explore the dynamics, strategies, and emotional…..

Types of men to Avoid

It’s important to remember that people are unique, and it’s not fair to categorize anyone solely based on their gender. However, when it comes to relationships, it’s a good idea to avoid individuals who exhibit harmful behaviors, such as: Remember, healthy relationships are built on trust, mutual respect, and effective communication. It’s essential to trust…..

Maintaining Individuality in a Relationship: Balancing Independence and Togetherness

Finding a harmonious balance between independence and togetherness is a continuous process that requires ongoing effort and adjustment. As individuals evolve and the relationship dynamics shift, it is important to reassess and reaffirm the importance of individuality. Here are additional strategies to further explore in the pursuit of maintaining individuality in a relationship. While individuality…..

How To Receive Love

different people have different love languages, so understanding your own and your loved ones’ preferences can help improve the quality of your relationships. Receiving love can happen in various ways: Words of Affirmation: Hearing kind and loving words from others can be a powerful way to feel loved and appreciated. Quality Time: Spending quality time…..

Qualities Of A Good Woman

A good woman, like a good man, possesses a myriad of qualities that make her a valuable and admirable individual. It’s important to remember that these qualities are not exclusive to any gender but are universal attributes that define a person’s character. Here are some qualities that are often associated with a good woman: Empathy:…..

Conflict resolution in a relationship

Conflict resolution in a relationship is a vital skill that can determine the success and longevity of a partnership. In any relationship, be it romantic, familial, or even professional, conflicts are inevitable. However, it’s how individuals within the relationship address and resolve these conflicts that truly matters. This essay delves into the various aspects of…..

Love Languages: Understanding and Expressing Affection in Different Ways

Love is a universal language, but the ways in which individuals understand and express affection can vary greatly. Gary Chapman’s concept of “love languages” provides insights into how people give and receive love. By recognizing and understanding these love languages, individuals can foster deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships. In this essay, we will explore…..


Starting a good conversation for a serious relationship is a skill that can lay the foundation for a deep and meaningful connection. Effective communication is essential for building trust, understanding, and emotional intimacy in any serious relationship. Whether you’re just beginning a new relationship or looking to improve communication in an existing one, here are…..

Building Trust in Relationships: The Foundation for Lasting Connection

Trust is not only the bedrock but the lifeblood of healthy and fulfilling relationships. Its significance cannot be overstated, as it supports the very essence of emotional intimacy, effective communication, and mutual respect. Trust is a multifaceted concept that encompasses beliefs in reliability, honesty, and integrity. It requires vulnerability and the willingness to place confidence…..

The Power of Effective Communication in Relationships: Building Bridges That Last

Effective communication is not only crucial for the success of a relationship, but it also impacts every aspect of our lives. It is a skill that can be learned and honed with practice. When partners engage in open and honest communication, they create an environment where trust can flourish. Without this open communication, your relationship…..

Overcoming Relationship Challenges: Strategies for Long-Term Success

Building a successful and fulfilling long-term relationship requires effort, commitment, and the ability to navigate challenges along the way. Relationships inevitably face obstacles, conflicts, and changes that can strain the bond between partners. However, by employing effective strategies and cultivating key qualities, couples can overcome these challenges and strengthen their connection. In this essay, we…..

“Another Testimony” The most Successful Singles Matchmaking Platform “Ammy Besty

Big Congratulations to Mr. Nwabueze and His new found love Uche. Mr Nwabueze lost his first beloved wife some years ago. He thought it wise to move on with life after mourning his dear wife. he has been on Ammy Besty’s matchmaking show on Facebook and finally made his way to Ammy’s whatsapp group where…..

TESTIMONY: The most online successful singles matchmaking platform ‘Ammy Besty ‘

Big Congratulations to Desmond and Esther. Ammy Besty is a platform that offers opportunities for singles all over the world 🌎 to meet and possibly start a relationship/marriage. Our matchmaking platform and groups gives you great chance to meet white and black Americans, British, Asians and Africans all over the world. On this platform countless…..