“Ceec is your number one enemy” – MC advises Ilebaye during her homecoming event

It sounds like there was a significant discussion yesterday about the MC hired for Ilebaye’s homecoming function, advising that Ceec is Ilebaye’s main opponent. Such statements in events often add drama and intrigue.

That’s wonderful! It sounds like Ilebaye received a warm welcome from her fans at the Abuja airport as she arrived for a meet and greet. Events like these must be special for both the celebrity and their supporters.

The major event took place today, and a video from the event has sparked interest. During the occasion, the event’s MC warns Ilebaye to be wary of her Big Brother house rivals.

He went on to say that Ceec was Ilebaye’s number one enemy. According to the MC, Ceec’s apology to the house for causing any troubles for them made Ilebaye look awful in the eyes of the other housemates.

He also recounted how Ceec shouted out of anger after Ilebaye was declared the winner on the stage.

Watch the video below…

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