Chef Dammy is reportedly apprehended following a complaint filed against her pastor.

According to reports coming in, Chef Dammy was allegedly arrested by the police AIG zone 1 in Akure for filing a petition against her pastor.

Chef Dammy has recently disclosed alarming information regarding the pastor who sponsored her cooking competition.

Chef Dammy expresses the belief that her pastor should be held responsible if any harm befalls her. In a Facebook post on October 19th, 2023, she instilled panic and fear by stating her life is in jeopardy.

She shared living in constant fear and experiencing a near-death incident a few days prior. Chef Dammy disclosed facing threats, curses, and ridicule from “men of God” for months after her cook-a-thon.

In a tweet by user Yemie Fash, it was revealed that Chef Dammy has been taken into custody by the police. The tweet also raised concerns about the alleged corruption in the police station that arrested her. Yemie Fash called on Chef Dammy’s family to speak out and seek justice for the young chef.

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