Chef Tolani shares the emotional news of her pregnancy with friends and family, years after a follower wrongly assumed her tidy kitchen was a result of not having children.

Chef Tolani, also known as diaryofakitchenlover, shares an emotional announcement with her friends and family about her pregnancy.

Chef Tolani, alias Diary of a Kitchen Lover, unveils a poignant moment as she discloses her pregnancy to close friends and family.

Recently honored, the chef welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Tifeoluwa Faiza Osikoya. Despite marrying in 2021, she faced challenges in conceiving, and some followers remembered a comment suggesting her perpetually tidy kitchen was due to not having children.

However, God ultimately rewarded her, and in this video, she revealed her pregnancy for the first time to close friends and family.

They were ecstatic and happy on her behalf, with everyone crying and muttering “I told you, I told you” over and over.

Chef Tolani revealed how they held her hand during her dark days and how grateful she is that they can see her light now.

Many Netizens have celebrated with the chef in the comments section, grateful for the support system Chef Tolani was blessed with.

Watch video here…

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