CJN warns new Federal High Court judges against corruption

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Olukayode Ariwoola has cautioned judges against corrupt practices.

Mr Ariwoola spoke on Wednesday while swearing in 22 new judges of the Federal High Court.

After administering the oath of office on the new judges at an event that took place at the Supreme Court complex in Abuja, Mr Ariwoola said “appointment to the bench is not an appointment to wealth, vainglory, dishonest disposition or ostentatious lifestyle through corrupt acquaintances.”

Addressing 22 newly sworn-in judges of the federal high court on Wednesday, October 4, the CJN said the constitution must be considered first and foremost when deciding each case brought before them.

“Several vitriolic attacks are regularly heaped on the judiciary; it is, however, crystal clear that public opinion, no matter how serious or weighty it might be, cannot override or supersede the Constitution of the country which we apply in deciding each case,” the CJN said.

“Nevertheless, your Lordships still owe your conscience and the generality of the Nigerian masses, particularly those who are looking up to you, the great responsibility of good moral rectitude and acceptable conduct to uphold and consolidate the trust reposed in you.

“Like it is often said, a clear conscience fears no accusation. He who comes to equity, as we all say, must come with clean hands.

“So, your Lordships must severe ties with anything that will smear your hands and bring you into disrepute in the course of your new assignment.

“Like I always say, even though judicial officers are not spirits or superhuman beings, so much impossible things are yet expected from them by society.

Ariwoola added that the “bench is neither for the indolent, the greedy nor those with dubious character, who can easily fall for a plate of porridge offered by desperate litigants”.

“You must, at all times, rise above temptations and trials that might obstruct or even halt your rise to the pinnacle of your career,” he said.

“We are all humans, no doubt, but you display the humanism in you by doing those extraordinary things that people would ordinarily conclude that you cannot do.

The ceremony was witnessed by the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, John Tsoho, and other judges of the court as well as justices of the Court of Appeal.

Some Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) – Yusuf Ali, Ahmed Raji, Abdul Mohammed and Afam Osigwe were at the inauguration ceremony of the new judges.

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