Davido responds to criticism for pausing efforts to assist a female street vendor who later revealed their male identity.

Davido responds amid controversy over his involvement in aiding a street vendor initially thought to be female.

The hawker, initially named Sultan, received assistance from Brain Jotter before Davido joined in, motivated by Sultan’s story and connection to his uncle, the governor of Osun state.

The narrative took an unexpected turn as it emerged that the hawker, initially thought to be a woman named Sultan, is actually a young man from Osogbo.

Davido took to social media, humorously declaring an “ABORT MISSION” in response to the revelation.

While the situation generated mixed reactions on social media, some users questioned Davido’s decision to withdraw his support, showing that the individual in question was indeed physically challenged and in need of assistance.

A netizen with the username Abiodu. A Adeleke expressed concern about Sultan’s condition and urged Davido to reconsider his stance.

Abiodu. A Adeleke wrote:

“Na Man, does that change anything tho? He is from Osun, he is challenged and d!sabled, he needs all the help he can get, he is deserves a good life too!! He needs help!! Unless you and your uncle are clout chasers!!! The boy needs help!!!”

Davido responded to the netizen.

Davido replied to Abiodu. A Adeleke’s concern, stating:

“Exactly! No Clout Chasing! We will still help Sultan! OBO 💪🏽❤️”

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