Deyemi Okanlawo skillfully responds to a critic who claimed that Kunle Remi resembles a serial cheater.

After a troll made an unflattering comment about Kunle Remi, a newlywed friend and colleague of Deyemi Okanlawo’s, the popular Nollywood actor stepped in to defend his friend and colleague.

Recall the recent weekend when Kunle and his beautiful bride Tiwi tied the knot? It became a significant event both locally and online.

Their presence on social media was widespread, showcasing vibrant moments from their traditional and white weddings, including their lively dance performances. The rumor mill stirred when a user on X, reacting to a wedding video of Kunle and Tiwi dancing, alleged that the actress has a history of infidelity. Here’s what the user wrote:

This guy looks like a serial cheater,”

This comment didn’t sit well with Deyemi, a close friend of Kunle, and he took it upon himself to respond to the troll.

He wrote, “So did your father… and look at his byproduct! 😊”

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