Don’t marry girls aged 17-22. They will finish you – Nigerian man advises men as he cries out about his wife

Obie, a Nigerian man, has advised men not to marry girls aged 17 to 22.

On Friday, he offered this counsel while expressing dissatisfaction with his wife, asserting that she is overly fixated on wealth.

“I never knew that you are like this before I get married to you 3 months ago , chaiiiii small girl like you , you too like money, I don die oooooo, who send me. Please young guys that are growing up today, don’t marry a girl at the age of 17 to 22 years , if you do she will drain you, and finish you, those kind of girls they love money ,” he wrote.

Man heartbroken as girlfriend breaks up with him for being too nice to her, story trends online

A story is going viral online about a Nigerian man who is heartbroken after his girlfriend dumps him for being too nice to her.

Taking to his verified page on X, formerly known as Twitter, the man known as Ayo shared a Whatsapp message he received this morning in which his girlfriend revealed that their relationship is over.

In the message she left for her partner before he woke up, the woman explained that she couldn’t sustain the relationship mainly because he was excessively kind and lacked emotional expression.

She mentioned his infrequent display of emotions, finding it adorable, yet not aligning with the type of man she desires. She informed him that she has moved on and suggested he do the same upon reading the message. She concluded by notifying him of her decision to block him.

She wrote; “Hello Ayo, good morning I bet you’re still sleeping and I hope this message doesn’t really come as a shock to you.

I know you don’t like when I write epistles but I really can’t help it cus I’ve thought about it and I know this would be hard for me to say and hard for you to accept but I don’t think I can continue this anymore.


Don’t get me wrong, you’re a nice guy as a matter of fact, I think you’re too nice. And that’s one of the reasons this can’t work.

You barely express emotions, when I expect you to be mad at me you don’t, you don’t show anger or annoyance. I mean, it’s a cute thing but that’s really not the kind of man I want for myself.

I trust that you can understand. I’m a woman that is thinking of settling down and this isn’t what I want for myself.

I’m really sorry if this would ruin your morning when you see it tomorrow. But move on, cus I have moved on already. I hope you find someone that would love you the way you are, unfortunately that person is not me.

I would be blocking you for my sanity and mental health cus I know you’ll want to beg me, I don’t want to be emotionally guilt tripped into changing my mind. I’ll advice you do the same Take care and thank you for loving me the way you did, I’ll forever cherish that.”

Upon waking up in the morning to see the message, Ayo who is not expecting the “breakfast” responded;

Babe are you serious now?

What is all these fgs?

Wait, did you block me?

Sharing the breakup message from his girlfriend, he wrote; “I can’t believe what I just woke up to read, fuvk this is hard for me 💔.’

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