Enough is Enough, “He will hear from my lawyers’- Amaka Gift Ex-boyfriend

If Maxy Michel does not stop, he will hear from my lawyers. Enough is Enough.

I have never confronted or had any issues with Maxy Michael all these while, I only blamed my ex fiancée and Artist for letting me down.

Even when Maxy Michael insulted me in videos and assas¡in@ted my character without proper verifications and evidence I kept quiet.

Because I knew he was just in love defending a girl he barely knew.

I composed and wrote the song “have mercy” they have been posting profusely.

I guided the productions and saw to the recordings, bought the costume for my artist.

I shot and directed the video and paid fully for the location where I shot the video.

But He posted it without proper credit and royalties to me.

Yesterday he Posted the popular hymns “Old Rugged Cross” which I suggested the song for recording, guided the production, bought the costume for my artist and shot and directed the video myself.

I want him to stop using and posting

my sweat and intellectual properties to make money without my permission and remitting royalties Or I will arrest him and charge him to court where he will pay for his ignorance.

If those contents should be posted by him or my ex, it is important that they humble themselves and give me production credit, since none of them paid a dime for it.

I understand the relationship is over alongside the direct business, but these indirect parts should be sorted out, because as long as those contents and all our previous works/production exist, we’ll keep having copyright entanglements.

I suggest they make moves to sort it out earlier or face what is coming. They cannot monitize my productions and leave me out of the revenue. it is never done.

For the time being, I want him to delete those two videos he has posted and tender an apology to me within 72 hours, if not, I have no choice than to allow my legal team take actions.

He has laid a lot of a||egations on me. Just to cover up and justify their actions. Even conspired with my Ex to record my voice to use it against me as she already knew my regular answers to such questions with my intention to protect her image and ministry.

If I had subjected My Ex fiancé to domestic violence for 9years, As Maxy claimed in video, she will not had been doing so well and looking good to the attraction of Maxy Michael.

Maxy Michael said in videos that I subjected My Ex Fiancé to a money making machine where I collects 80percent of all the revenue from her earnings but unknown to Maxy, my Ex signed a contract with a monetization company called SoftTec that pays her directly to her dollar account Without my interference.

As one I had loved and had future plans with I left her Access to money for her upkeeps and logistics.

What Maxy Michael does not know is that the name Amaka Gift is not the real name but my brand name which I cooked up and built from scratch with millions.

Go and verify.

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