“From ‘h00kup’ to forever” – lady celebrate boyfriend who rescued her from ‘h00kup’ life

A Nigerian woman has conveyed heartfelt appreciation to her partner for being the driving force behind her decision to quit engaging in prostitution.

The young woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, recently shared on TikTok her inspiring journey from a life of prostitution to embracing a more fulfilling and constructive path.

The unnamed young woman recently used TikTok to share her uplifting journey from a past life of prostitution to choosing a more fulfilling and constructive path.

In the now-viral video, the woman is seen partaking in a well-liked TikTok fad where individuals share personal tales by answering introspective questions. The video was taken in a hair salon.

 “Who made you stop doing hookup?,” the question read.

In response, she succinctly credited her boyfriend for the positive turn her life has taken.

”My Boyfriend,” the lady said

Netizens Reactions…

@simon_akubo said; “Ahahn! See as the girl fine na. The guy is so lucky to have such a changed person like her. Use this comment and the like button to express your disgust.”

@inumimomccoy said; “Pablo you do this one, wondering why I never use to see our favourite girl again.”

@Real_Ekaf said; “Shameless Generation. So, People admit they do Hookup in the public. Nothing like Hookup “Na ashewo

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