Gistlover is not run by an individual but by a syndicate” Police PRO Adejobi clears the air after 3 people accused of running the blog were arrested

Police Public Relations Officer ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi issued a statement in response to the apprehension of three individuals allegedly operating the Gistlover blog.

Despite the arrests, skepticism arose among many, questioning whether the detained individuals were genuinely responsible, given that the account continued to post new content.

Others asked what crime the Instagram blog committed that warrants their arrest. 

Reacting, Adejobi said Gistlover is not run by an individual but by a syndicate. 

He said that those arrested are members of the syndicate and “12 gistlover pages were recovered from the suspects.” 

He added that those paraded as the face behind the blog were arrested “in connection with an ongoing investigation in a case of conspiracy, cyberstalking  and threat to life.”

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