He’s a cross dresser – Viral street hawker accused of disguising after Gov Adeleke’s pledged support

A hawker with physical challenges, who portrayed herself as a distressed girl, touched the hearts of many while selling her goods on a busy street.

This emotional act garnered the sympathy of notable individuals such as Brain Jotter, Davido, and Gov Adeleke, who generously extended their help.

Nevertheless, the situation drastically changed when it was revealed that she had been deceitful. Those who had previously assisted her came forward, asserting that they had been deceived by her scheme, revealing her true nature as anything but the innocent person she seemed to be.

Eniola, a street hawker with physical challenges, is under scrutiny for allegedly deceiving people by posing as a woman, despite previously capturing the attention of prominent individuals such as Nigerian Skitmaker Brain Jotter, Afrobeats Superstar Davido, and Osun state Governor Ademola Adeleke.

On November 8, the popular gossip source Gistlover made a sensational revelation, asserting that the hawker’s true identity is Sultan. The blog substantiated its claim with photographs showing Sultan in male school uniforms and attire.

Gistlover dropped a bombshell, claiming that a group who had assisted the hawker in the past insisted that the hawker isn’t a girl but a guy who goes to great lengths, taping up his manhood and sporting fake boobs to masquerade as a lady.

According to the blog, a bunch of Good Samaritans rented an apartment for the hawker and provided makeup gear to help establish a different path, but the hawker’s heart is set on swindling people on the streets.

Gistlover cast suspicion on Brain Jotter, the one who thrust the hawker into the spotlight, suggesting that he might be entangled in the hawker’s questionable tactics, especially with the new fundraising initiative for the physically

The controversial blog emphatically cautioned everyone to steer clear of contributing any funds to.

The viral street hawker, initially believed to be a distressed girl and who received support from notable figures like Brain Jotter, Davido, and Gov Adeleke, is now facing accusations of posing as a woman when it appears they are actually male.

Gistlover, a gossip source, made a startling revelation on November 8, alleging that the hawker’s real name is Sultan and shared photos of him dressed in male attire. The blog claimed that the hawker used various tactics, such as taping up his manhood and wearing fake boobs, to impersonate a lady.

The blog also raised suspicions about Brain Jotter’s involvement in the hawker’s activities, particularly regarding a new fundraising initiative for the physically challenged.

Davido and Gov Adeleke had expressed their intention to assist Eniola (the hawker) with her education and makeup skills, acknowledging her dedication to honest work. However, the situation has taken a surprising turn with these allegations.

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