“Hide your man, I don come ooo” – Elderly woman warns as she returns to dating scene, threatens to snatch husbands and boyfriends

A mature Nigerian woman expressed her willingness to consider any eligible man, cautioning other women to keep their partners hidden upon her arrival.

In a video titled ‘Hide Your Man,’ the lovely elderly woman playfully conveyed the warning while engaging in conversation with a younger woman presumed to be her daughter.

The playful scene with the younger lady, the elderly woman’s words, and her message to Nigerian ladies drew a lot of attention on social media.

Many people used the comments section to discuss their available boyfriends and men, while a few others warned the elderly woman.

Here are some of the reactions:

Okosun Emmanuel: “‎U use one hour take teach mama that word u try good director.”

Emryn: “‎Who Dey background wey chop biscuit.”

WINIFRED: “‎U mak me miss my grand ma.”

Elev8moni: “‎No make mama don wetin she nor won do.”

Spirit Paid: “‎Hide your grandpa because grandma dey around oh.”

tobijohn172: “‎wow so sweet watching grandma telling us to hide our man.”

Melvin Ejih (The_General): “‎Hide who. where my kids sisters make nobody allow mummy papa come outside o.”

onyenkachi: “‎I pray u see my ex cos he new babe nor dey hide am.”

blessingejore: “hide your man oo mama don come oo.”


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