Hilda states that she prefers a man who doesn’t know how to cook because she wants to be the one cooking for him.

Renowned chef Hilda Baci has expressed her preference for a partner who cannot cook, as she desires to be the one preparing meals for him.

She explained this in an interview with Tiktok’s famous content creator, @madamejoyce

The chef clarified that she loves cooking as a form of self-expression. Hilda mentioned her pleasure in preparing meals for friends and delivering food to them, but when it comes to her significant other, she wants to make an even more special effort.

Hilda Baci is adamant that her man can wake her up in the middle of the night and demand a doughnut or a meat pie and she will still make it happen.

She specified that her desire in a relationship is a man that can order food for her.

See reactions to the video

@Clara Saporito said: “Sprinkle Sprinkle ,Every man on earth deserves a Hilda baci 💯”

@signed_mayy asked: “In the middle of the night ke? That’s how they start testing your boundaries”

@papilo cried: “God send dis kin woman come my life😭”

@Nozi disagreed: “Could never be me 😭 I was made the house cook at home and I’m not doing it in my own household”

@Leeya_l reacted: “I’m a chef myself but naaa I need a man who knows how to cook too . But everyone has their preference 😅”


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