“I hope you don’t spill everything” – Toyin Lawani’s hubby, Segun Wealth begs drops cryptic post after she called out gay men

Following his wife’s public criticism of homosexual men on social media, Segun Wealth, the spouse of the well-known stylist Toyin Lawani, made a cryptic post on social media.

Toyin Lawani lamented the prevalence of dishonesty in marriages today on her Instagram page.

She pointed out that in Lagos, marriage with children and having affairs with males had become commonplace among homosexual guys.

Now, the Segun Wealth pleaded with an unidentified user not to reveal him in a series of messages posted on his Instagram profile.

It appears that the photographer shared his secret with someone else, and he is hoping that person won’t reveal it.

Claiming to be despondent, he said that he was excessively stressed, and he continued to beg the unknown person to keep his secret concealed.

He took aim at bloggers and internet users who think he’s just trying to sell a song and gain influence.

He wrote: “I feel so down now, I hope you don’t spill everything after I opened up to you. The pressure is just too much. Please I’m doing it for US”.

“I’m trying to focus, please. Bloggers with fake accounts let me be. I’m not even trying to promote any song here. If you think I’m trying to promote Dodo then you don’t follow me enough to know that even before the release I’ve been promoting it. So get lost and find yourself.”

“If I want to promote a song now sef it won’t be Dodo. Have you heard of my recent works? Featured Seven different A-list artists in several bangers. No worry.”


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