I lied – Mr Ibu’s wife makes u-turn, apologizes to AGN [VIDEO]

Stella Maris, Mr. Ibu’s wife, has stirred discussions with a viral video where she apologizes to the AGN for falsely claiming they didn’t assist her husband’s health crisis.

During an interview with Uche Maduagwu, Stella admitted to being misled into denying the AGN’s support for her husband, acknowledging her earlier misrepresentation.

The actor’s spouse, engaged in a conflict with his ‘daughter’ Jasmine, supported her recent assertion and disclosed that Kate Henshaw, the guild’s public relations officer, visited her husband in the ICU.

Stella mentioned that Henshaw and Mr. Ibu had conversations and shared jokes while he was still quite expressive at that time. Despite making these claims, Stella did not specify the details of the manipulation or identify the person responsible. She stated this in part:

My people, I am so sorry about this. I was manipulated to say all those things.”

See video and some reactions below:

divalee_09: Madam this is not the time for you to be granting interviews when your husband you clam to love is still on hospital bed fighting for his life.

cheeomah_: Her husband is on hospital bed and she’s busy granting interviews?

giniswty: Who manipulated you to say it madam?

mavoh1: As matured as u are ? Who will manipulate u? For ur own husband house? Humm.

chinny.6599: Madam u get 2 mouth abeg.

Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris had made a video claiming the guild never supported in the welfare of her husband. She claimed that all attempts to reach the AGN and its president were fruitless.

Kate responded to Stella Maris’ alleged misinformation by stating that the guild had assisted a couple of times since 2021 through personal and general donations. She also noted that she understands that Stella Maris is worried about her husband, which could explain her statement, but saying the guild hasn’t assisted in her husband’s medical care was inappropriate.

Kate Henshaw said in part:

“Let me state categorically and vehemently that AGN has been of help to Mr Ibu. I do understand that she is at her wit’s end; anybody would be, but to say AGN lied isn’t true.”

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