I manage my father’s donations, and Mr. Ibu’s son accuses my stepmother, Stella Maris, of being untruthful.

Mr. Ibu’s second son, Daniel Okafor, has denied Stella Maris’ allegations about the handling of the account where payments are managed.

On her Instagram account, Stella Maris addressed accusations and dispelled a rumor claiming she asked for money from donations meant for Mr. Ibu’s well-being to purchase a car.

Furthermore, she blamed the rumor on the actor’s adopted daughter, Jazmine. Stella clarified that she does not have access to Mr. Ibu main bank account.

Stella then claimed that Jasmine had taken control of the bank account where charitable Nigerians had made monetary contributions to the ailing actor.

In a recent discovery reported by The Punch, Jasmine was approached for insights into the current allegations but declined to provide details, stating:

“I do not want to be involved with the online drama, at least not yet. I am more concerned for Daddy’s well-being.”

She, however, guided the news publication to contact the actor’s second son, identified as Daniel Okafor. In his statement, he said:

“I am Daniel Okafor, John Okafor’s second son. There is no truth to what Stella Maris has been posting online.”

Jasmine does not have access to that account; I have access to it. I am the signatory to the account and my father’s next of kin.”

Daniel added that Stella Maris is his stepmother but refused to share more details about his mother. Daniel said:

“She is my stepmother. My mother is not around at the moment.”

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