“I risked my 4-year relationship” – Lady shares experience after going for genotype test

A video of a young Nigerian woman has caused a stir online as she took the risk of jeopardizing a four-year relationship by undergoing a genotyping test without prior knowledge of her and her partner’s genetic compatibility.

The young woman’s emotional experience as she anxiously awaits the results of her genotyping test is captured in the TikTok video, which has since become viral.

She was shown in the video opening the envelope that had the vital information that may decide the future of her relationship while kneeling down, as if in prayer.

A lot of people were eager to see how the woman would respond to the genetic test results.

“I risked my four-year relationship without knowing our genotype,” the lady wrote.

Her grins throughout the movie demonstrated how the test’s results subsequently favored her

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