I want to get married, I’m looking for a husband,– 14-year-old actress, Mercy Kenneth

A teenage sensation in Nollywood by the name mercy Kenneth, revealed her marriage ambitions in a new social media post, sparking widespread interest.

Mercy Kenneth’s co-star, Ekene Umenwa, recently married filmmaker Alex Kleanson in a traditional wedding.

The most anticipated white wedding is on the horizon today, and Mercy Kenneth couldn’t stop herself from spilling her heart out on her social media platform about the celebrity couple’s love story.

In her message, which was accompanied by a stunning wedding photograph of Ekene in her bridal gown and Alex looking dapper in his suit, she openly proclaimed her wish to marry, citing the heavenly blessing weaved throughout their relationship as the driving force behind her desire.

Adding a touch of humor, she slyly included a note warning anyone against dissuading her from her dreams of marriage, asserting that she’s on the lookout for a husband.

She wrote;

“Social media said marriage no dey sweet. But seeing @ekene_umenwa @kleanson marriage com dey hungry me because God is involved in their marriage.

My beautiful aunty ur union is blessed in Jesus name Amen. Let no one advice me because am looking for a husband I will pay to marry me today forget my age.”

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