“If you don’t want to sit on my lap, you say no” Santa goes viral for affirming little’s girl’s boundaries (video)

A video capturing a Santa’s heartwarming response to a Florida girl , Adley who declined to sit on his lap has gained widespread attention. In the footage at Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne near Miami, Santa embraces the girl’s decision with positivity.

Love noticed the exchange between Santa and her daughter and she asked him to repeat it for the camera.

Santa repeated: “I said this is her body, and she’s in control of her body…and I said, ‘Way to stand up for yourself’!” 

He added to the child, “If Santa Clause says, ‘You want to sit in my lap,’ and you don’t want to, you say no!” 

“I was so surprised Santa took the time to tell my daughter it was her body and her choice whether she wanted to sit on Santa’s lap. He could have brushed her off or even made her feel bad,” Love told Storyful. 

The video has received many views and has now gone viral.

See below.

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