“If you’re a divorcee go find love again” — Apst. Okose drags African preacher who says marrying a divorcee is adultery and wrong

Apostle Okose Emmanuel criticized an African preacher who claimed that marrying a divorcee is adultery and has no future. In response, Apostle Okose encouraged divorced individuals to embrace the opportunity to remarry and discover love and happiness.

Apostle Okose Emmanuel expressed concern about the pervasive impact of religion in our generation, emphasizing that it has deeply influenced people.

He argued against using common logic to interpret the Bible and cited a passage where God instructed Hosea to divorce his wife, despite expressing a dislike for divorce. The apostle asserted that if a marriage is unhealthy, it is better to leave before facing lifelong misery.

He encouraged those who have experienced divorce to grant themselves a fresh start and embrace love once more.

View the video for more details.

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