Ifeanyi Ezeokeke has been battling an undisclosed ailment since 2020,

Former Child actor, Chukwudi Okoro Nnabuike, popularly known as Ikenta Nollywood has shared a video on Facebook, of himself on a visit to his ailing friend, and colleague in the movie industry, Ifeanyi Ezeokeke. The video has since left his followers and Fans of Ifeanyi in mixed feelings, as a lot of Ifeanyi’s fans have not been aware of the whereabouts of the young actor, who was popular with “Ugo shave me” in the popular movie, titled Conspiracy.

Apparently, Ifeanyi Ezeokeke has been battling an undisclosed ailment since 2020, with no signs of improvement, and has remained in a critical condition, to the point that even performing basic tasks has become challenging for him.

Ifeanyi, who was at the peak of his career when he fell ill, had won the hearts of many Nigerians with his exceptional acting skills.
In all these, his family requested privacy as they continued to provide care and support for their son. Perhaps for that reason a lot of Ifeanyi’s fans were not aware of the actors whereabouts, talk more of his ailing condition.

This Christmas season, the ever smiling young actor, Ikedi Nollywood went over to Ifeanyi’s family home to show his friend who is an only sone of the family and his mum some love.

In his words.

“His name is Ifeanyi Ezeokeke AKA ugo shave me from the role he played in a movie CONSPIRACY .He’s a child actor,great man,only son of the family of 7,talented and fearless,yesterday I went to see him and the mum to show small love to my sick friend and I was happy to see that smile on his face anytime I come around..we started as kid actors in the industry even though he’s my senior cos he has already started acting before me ..put a smile on someone face today,am not posting this for any selfish reasons rather I am doing it so millions of his fans all over the world who don’t know his status will be aware that he’s been battling a strange Illness over 10 years now and that’s why he’s not been seen on screen anymore..all we can do is pray and check on him,from time to time, support the family, and believe God/chukwu okike for divine healing .I thank many of you that have been supporting this family but like we all know charity is a virtue.Enugu state government am calling on you to help your own son..”

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