I’m dying – Nigerian transgender, Jay Boogie cries out for help from his hospital bed (videos)

Nigerian transgender individual, Jay Boogie, has issued a distress call, stating that he is facing a life-threatening situation due to complications arising from a failed cosmetic surgery.

The plea for help comes after Dr. Lovethjia disclosed that Jay Boogie’s two kidneys have failed, necessitating an urgent kidney transplant.

Jay Boogie reposted a video of himself on his hospital bed, which was shared by a friend, Kimberly Momo. 

“I‘m dying. You all please help me,” he captioned the story. 

Appealing further for help, Jay Boogie revealed that he has undone a plasmapheresis yet his health is deteriorating. 

“31/10/23 my life made a switch, I don’t even know me anymore and I’ve been through struggles battling with acute kidney injury and more. I have had a plasmapheresis yet I’m still unstable. The test results states my health is deteriorating. I honestly need sincere and genuine help,” he wrote.

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