Imo Guber: APC allegedly plans rigging of Imo Election

The Labour Party (LP) in Imo State has voiced concerns regarding what they perceive as a plan by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct the November 11 election in polling units with no registered voters. Mr. Callistus Ihejiagwa, the Imo LP Chairman, raised these allegations during a news briefing held in Owerri.

According to reports from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), INEC had identified 38 polling units in Imo State with zero registered voters, implying that elections were not expected to take place in these locations.

Mr. Ihejiagwa, in his statements, referred to these affected areas as being affiliated with the All Progressives Congress (APC), and he alleged that there was external pressure on INEC to proceed with elections in these units. He further argued that conducting elections in these areas would constitute a violation of the provisions of the Electoral Act and Electoral Guidelines.

He stated, “We have it on good authority that contrary to the provisions of the Electoral Act and Electoral Guidelines, APC, in collaboration with INEC, has perfected plans to conduct elections at non-INEC designated elections venues and flashpoints in Orsu and some parts of Orlu LGAs. The plan is to hide under the present state of insecurity to have elections in areas affected by violence and APC’s choice locations.”

The LP leader has called upon the Federal Government, security agencies, the international community, and other relevant stakeholders to investigate these allegations to ensure a free and fair electoral process in Imo State.

He further emphasized the need for security agencies, INEC, and federal authorities to take necessary steps to prevent any actions that might compromise the integrity of this crucial election in Imo State. The LP also urged international observers, human rights organizations, civil society groups, and election observers to pay attention to the unfolding situation.

In response to these allegations, the INEC Head of Voter Education and Publicity, Mrs. Emmanuella Ben-Opara, stated that the commission had already made the decision not to conduct elections in the 38 polling units with zero registration. This response from INEC suggests that they are aware of the concerns raised by the LP and have taken steps to address the issue.

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