“It’s not possible that I am sleeping with my daughter” – Mr Ibu addresses controversial allegations

Renowned Nollywood actor, John Okafor, also known as Mr Ibu, has stepped forward to confront the growing controversies surrounding his health, family matters, and personal affairs.

The situation has become more intricate with escalating disputes and allegations involving his adopted daughter, Jasmine, and wife, Stella Maris.

Adding to the complexity, a recent audio recording shared by blogger Tosin Silverdam heightened tensions as Mr Ibu acknowledged facing accusations of an inappropriate relationship with his adopted daughter, Jasmine.

Additional audio recordings have surfaced featuring a conversation between Mr Ibu and Jasmine.

The actor vehemently questioned the possibility of engaging in such behavior with his own daughter, expressing disbelief at the extent to which rumors can spread.

Despite being accustomed to being the subject of gossip, Mr Ibu maintained his resilience, attributing his strength to a higher power.

Jasmine, in the recorded conversation, expressed bewilderment about the origin of the allegations and shared her confusion over the viral news circulating online.

The adopted daughter echoed her father’s sentiments, emphasizing the absurdity of the rumors.

In other news, An alleged leaked voice note has surfaced online, purportedly featuring actor Mr Ibu disclosing the reason why  he stopped dating Jasmine.

The recording allegedly captures the actor confirming that he had a romantic involvement with his adopted daughter, Jasmine.

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