It’s so hard to even love or support Mohbad’s father” — Tonto Dikeh

Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh who is now an active politician, has remarked how difficult it is to support Mohbad’s father, especially given his recent comments.

Only recently did the late singer’s father come forward to say that his daughter-in-law had been disloyal to his son.

Tonto Dike, who has been at the forefront of fighting for justice for the singer, is enraged by Mohbad’s father’s comments and expressed her displeasure on Instagram.

She said;

“It’s so hard to Love or even support

Generalmohbads dad..

I mean if he has so much information to give, why can’t he take it to the authorities?
Is online the judge and jury or Authority..
Take this claims to the right authority and have them verified and pickup who you accuse.
We are using our personal resources, sweat and blood to fight for your amazing son and all you have to do it humiliate our efforts by carelessly speaking when we have begged you countless times to go give every info you have.

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