Iyanya shares insights on relationships, explaining the reasons behind his decision to commit to one woman.

During a recent exclusive interview with DoyinSola David, Nigerian singer Iyanya shared his perspectives on relationships, fidelity, and addressed speculations surrounding his dating life

In the interview featured on Doyin’s well-known segment “Doyin’s Corner,” Iyanya offered insights into his views on commitment and the challenges of navigating romantic relationships in the public eye.

Iyanya firmly condemned cheating, highlighting his dedication to one woman. The artist justified his inclination towards monogamy, citing the considerable financial expenses associated with dating multiple women

Iyanya expressed that managing relationships with multiple individuals can be financially draining, aligning with his practical approach to life and romanc

Doyin, the host, interjected, challenging Iyanya’s perspective by noting that not all women demand high maintenance in relationships. As an example, she asserted that she is not an expensive person to date.

Iyanya, however, stuck to his stance, asserting that committing to one woman is not only financially sensible but also ethically preferable to infidelity. The conversation then shifted to Iyanya’s personal life, specifically addressing recent relationship speculations involving him and another musician, Vee.

In August 2023, the reality star shared captivating photos on Instagram, one of which showcased a man’s arms with tattoos resembling Iyanya’s.

However, Iyanya promptly dismissed the rumors, stating that there was insufficient evidence to support such claims.

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