Jude Ighalo’s wife threatens to expose all their secrets if there is any repetition of his actions.

Sonia, the separated spouse of renowned footballer Jude Ighalo, challenges him to speak again, pledging to take unconventional actions and publicly confront him as they exchange veiled remarks on social media.

The estranged couple has been hurling subtle jabs at each other in recent days.

In a past article, she recounted that the footballer came back in tears, seeking her assistance and pleading for help.

In a recent Instagram post, she hinted at a concerning incident involving the footballer’s mother, alleging an attempt to end her life in 2020.

She challenged Ighalo to make any further comments on Instagram, asserting that she would feel compelled to take an unexpected action in response.

Her post reads …

“You get 10 a point and you be like, if

everything wan spoil make he spoil’ afterall MAMA D MAMA almost ki ed

me 2020 but the worst came before her (The plan was, let’s k!! her and take

the children) She get Mind o LMAOO…

I know YOU are Innocent* that was HER plan

I’m trying to respect my spiritual

Parents #scizcthcfire IF U LET ME TALK chhhhhh….


Na me you take de shine for Instagram

A h! Ughebe-Nebo don suffer”

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