Kevin Ikeduba expresses frustration about the exorbitant cost of living in Nigeria, attributing the problem to poor leadership.

Renowned Nigerian actor Kevin Ikeduba has voiced his concern about the suffering of Nigerians due to the elevated cost of living in the country.

The actor put up a video, which he hopes those who follow national events will see.

He asserted that the populace is experiencing hardship due to the elevated cost of living in Nigeria. He emphasized that this is leading to widespread hunger and sorrow among the majority.

Despite the seeming indifference of the people to the price hikes, Kevin Ikeduba appealed to the leaders of the country to empathize and stand in solidarity with the citizens.

The actor encouraged diligent individuals to persist and remain resilient. He emphasized the importance of working even harder to propel Nigeria forward, regardless of the challenges and setbacks the country imposes.

In conclusion, he urged all citizens to maintain hope, assuring that the nation will eventually improve.

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